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MKULTRAVIOLENCE (MKUV) is a post-apocalyptic MOO where the value of life is at an all time low. Undergo horrible mutations, do a ridiculous amount of drugs, and fight with your cock.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to play MKUV.

Discord link:

Matrix Address:

Input the following info into a MUD client of your choice to play:

Address: Port: 7155

What's new? For Hell veterans. A comprehensive list of things that have been changed from the original HellMOO.
Quickstart guide (WIP) A quick rundown on everything you need to know to get started playing the game
Stats Information about the status window and MKUV's 6 key stats.
Skills Information about general skill mechanics and MKUV's 33 skills.
Weapons The big list of weapons and their damage values.
Armor The big list of armor and their protection values.
Mutations The big list of mutations, their effects, and where to find them.
Implants The big list of implants. More will hopefully be added in the future.
Drugs The big list of drugs and their associated effects.
Clothing (WIP) The archive of cosmetics like clothing and where to find them.
Build calculator For people who like to plan out their character builds on paper. Courtesy of Sparrow.
unpoz dokuwiki Look here for best practices and general formatting information contributing to the wiki.
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